Everyone has a story.
we help you tell yours.

Every company and story is unique.

LYN partners with start-ups to mid-size companies to help you communicate yours.

Our approach starts with understanding the core of who you are. We then work methodically, telling your stories with universal impact through strategy, positioning, content, and communications.

immediate impact. lasting effect.

This is how we help.



It’s never too early to start a conversation. We get to the heart of you, your story and your customers.


Evaluate Stage of Growth

Knowing what stage of growth you’re in is the key that unlocks strategy. It’s the when and how of telling your story.

Ideation and Strategy

Working with stakeholders for buy-in, we build your story frame; mapping to your goals and customers. As you grow, we refine, refine, refine.

Goals and Messaging

Goals and Messaging are key to consistent communications. If you don’t know yours we can help you define and set these key fundamentals. We then work with you to test and refine.

Plan and Programs

Once Goals, Strategy, Messaging and Story are set, we build an integrated plan and campaigns with a balance of on-point programs that drive sales.


Execution is the long-haul. We work with you to navigate from strategy to point-to-point execution. Then we get it done.


Connect to tell us your story.


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