The long game: Creating a Market Catagory


At its launch, CriticalBlue was on the leading edge of hardware and software integration to deliver an embedded software technology to the semiconductor market. They needed to develop a market, messaging, story and influencer market materials to launch and sustain the company and its evolution over multiple years strategy.




Embedded Software


Market Profile
Customer Profile
Message and Story Framework
Marketing Communications
Yearly Strategy and Planning
Public Relations
Conferences and Events
Article Placement
Thought Leadership
Speaker and Panel Program


  • Create a new product category.
  • Launch a new product solution; define new product category and methodology for the embedded systems market.
  • Develop a corporate and technical positioning platform to be used across all marketing and branding programs.
  • Articulate a new and complex technology story in a simple fashion that clearly communicated the benefits and advantages of multicore and the company’s embedded software development tool, Prism.
  • Generate market awareness and sales leads while establishing relationships with trade press for sustainable opportunities after launch.
  • Establish the company as a thought leader in creating a new market category: multicore development tools.


  • Defined CriticalBlue’s approach with messaging and a program that would describe the new product’s functionality to resonate with the embedded software/systems market.
  • Developed a comprehensive communications and market strategy to address the embedded systems and semiconductor industry.
  • Created baseline PR and online programs utilizing direct client-to-customer connection, editorial opportunities, complimentary advertising, online community ‘classes,’ as well as interactive e-mail newsletters, speaking opportunities, awards nominations and customer case studies.


A multi-year effort, CriticalBlue continues to be regarded as one of, if not the, thought leader in multicore and embedded software tool solutions.


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